FFU To Pay Fine Imposed On Vukojevic FIFA And Invite Him To Work

  • FFU To Pay Fine Imposed On Vukojevic FIFA And Invite Him To Work

KYIV (FNI) - The President of the Football Federation of Ukraine, Andriy Pavelko, said that the FFU decided to compensate for a staffing of 15 thousand francs imposed on the Croatian Ognen Vukojevic.

Pavelko believes that the slogan "Glory to Ukraine" was not "political" in the Croatian football players said. This issue he will raise at a meeting of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

"I personally and the leadership of the Football Federation decided to compensate Ognen Vukojevic for the fine that was imposed on him. And if it is resolved in the issue of employment, offer him a position in the FFU. Now we are studying the legal side of the decision on Ognen Vukojevic, appeals on this decision. We will provide full legal and financial assistance in these matters, "said Pavelko.

For one day, Ukrainians "destroyed" the FIFA page on Facebook. The rating of the organization fell from 5 stars to 1.5. In addition, all these assessments were accompanied by the signatures "Glory to Ukraine". A total of about 150,000 users rated the page as negative.

This user response was the result of the FIFA decision on "disciplinary action", due to the treatment of Croatian footballers Domagoya Species and Ogneen Vukojevic, in which they dedicated Croatia's victory in the match against Russia to Ukraine and Dynamo Kyiv.

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