FIFA World Cup: Croatia-England

  • FIFA World Cup Croatia-England

KYIV (FNI) - At the World Football Championship in Russia on Wednesday, July 11, will be the second semifinal match. Yesterday the first finalist was the team of France, who beat Belgium with a score of 1: 0.

Wednesday in the Moscow stadium "Luzhniki" will play Croatia-England. The Croatians went into the quarterfinals after a penalty shootout - the game against Denmark in the regular time ended 1: 1, and then the Croats scored 3 goals from the penalty spot when the Danes managed to score only 2. In the quarterfinals Croatia also in the penalty shootout beat Russia - the main time ended with a score 1: 1, in extra-time, the teams scored each other on the goal. The penalty shootout ended with a score of 4: 3.

The British in the 1/8 finals went to Colombia, playing in a regular time in a draw 1: 1, and having won only in the series of post-match penalties - 4: 3, and in the quarterfinals they beat Swedes with a score 2: 0.

The Football World Cup 2018 in Russia runs from June 14 to July 15 at 12 stadiums in 11 cities of the country.

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