Five People Found Dead In Australian City Of Perth: Police

  • Five People Found Dead In Australian City Of Perth Police

SYDNEY (FNI) - Australian police found five dead people, including a woman and children on Sunday in a suburb of the western city of Perth, a senior police officer said.

"This is early and we’ve not yet fully examined the scene. We understand that there are adults and children involved," Police Commissioner of the State of Western Australia Paul Stahl said at a press conference.

Steel said that about five bodies were found on the scene when the police arrived at noon. Investigators are still there.

"I can say there was at least one woman but I can’t say more than that I’m afraid. The scene has not yet been forensically examined so the exact number of adults and children is actually unknown to me," said Stahl.

He did not say how the people were killed or if any weapons were found

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