Sotnyk: Truba needs to be dismissed and criminal proceedings opened because of abuse of authority

  • Sotnyk Truba needs to be dismissed and criminal proceedings opened because of abuse of authority

Kyiv: Ukrainian human rights activist, politician, People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation from the party "Samopomich" Olena Sotnyk in an exclusive interview with Front News International told about violations of the Ukrainian law by Roman Truba, about exceeding his official powers and illegal work of the State Bureau of Investigation.

Roman Truba was elected Chairman of the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine on November 16, 2017. The first contest for the nomination of candidates for senior positions of the SBI was held on September 3, but all 27 contestants were rejected by Truba's decision. The director of the SBI noted that the tender committee had destroyed the results of the polygraph.
According to the latest information, 320 candidates have already been selected in the SBI, and some of them have been assigned to posts.
As Roman Truba informed, the final results of the contest will be known by the end of September.

During the meeting in Strasbourg with international partners, the Head of the SBI, Roman Truba, said that it is critically necessary to amend the Law of Ukraine "On the State Bureau of Investigations" in the near future in terms of transferring the authority to hold competitions to senior positions from the external commission to the internal commissions of the SBI.

It becomes clear that the head of the SBI, Roman Truba, by all means, tries to gain control over departments that can be in any way linked to the bureau. The transfer of the right to conduct competitions for management positions from the external commission to the internal SBI commissions will give Truba the opportunity to conduct a 'dependent' contest, whose results will benefit only him.

FRONT NEWS INTERNATIONAL - Do you consider the actions of the Chairman of the SBI, Roman Truba, legitimate? Isn't this a violation of the law, if during the year of the legal existence of the department it does not start its work?

Olena Sotnyk - Obviously I do not. It cannot be the European practice that the law is violated. And Roman broke it when he refused to comply with the established rules. It is clear that he is not satisfied with these people. And why is he not satisfied with them? Because he can not manage them.

FNI - Is it possible that he is trying to slow down the SBI conduct to work?

O.S. - I do not think he is trying to slow down. He has his own political purpose. This is the moment when some politicians (representatives of one party) appoint politicians of another party to the leading positions. And he had to pick up such people who would suit him. And we are not talking about those 27 candidates that were rejected. And in general, for this, he should have been fired. It is possible to open criminal proceedings in relation to abuse of office.

FNI - Do you think that the entity, which has never functioned during the year of its existence, can start to work?

O.S. - I can not say that this entity has not functioned. It works, if only because it is legally enacted. And what happens inside of it (manipulations and appointments of his people) ... well, on the outcomes of the work he must be addressed before the end of his authority. Then at least something could be understandable.

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