Moldova and Romania have concluded a number of bilateral agreements.

  • Moldova and Romania have concluded a number of bilateral agreements

Kyiv: At a joint meeting of the two governments in Bucharest, Moldova and Romania signed a number of bilateral agreements.

This was written by the Western media.

In particular, a joint declaration was signed on the abolition of roaming tariffs, a protocol on the creation of mixed patrol teams on a common section of the state border and an agreement on financing the development of the national transport system in the northeast zone of Romania with the aim of improving the supply of natural gas to this zone.

Also, the authorities of the two states signed a declaration of intent in creating a strengthened training framework for the creation in the future of a mixed unit of the army of Romania and the National Army of the Republic of Moldova.

The representatives of both states also agreed on cooperation in the field of tourism, education and culture, agriculture, economy, health care and consular protection for persons with dual citizenship.

Recall, the Minister for EU Affairs of Romania, Victor Negrescu resigned, naming the reasons.

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