Ukrainian football player punished for words "Pray for Ukraine" on a T-shirt

  • Ukrainian football player punished for words Pray for Ukraine on a T-shirt

Kyiv: Ukrainian football player Yuri Gabovda, who plays in the Hungarian Haladas, will be punished for a T-shirt with the inscription “Pray for Ukraine”. Footballer admitted to reporters that he was warned that he would be fined if he put on such a T-shirt. This is reported by specialized sports media.

“I was told before the match that the local federation would impose a fine if I put on such a T-shirt. However, I don't care ... I am very worried and I pray for Ukraine,” the Ukrainian footballer noted.

It should be noted that Yuri Gabovda on a football match put on two T-shirts: a regular one and one with the words “Pray for Ukraine”. After the game, he took off his club's T-shirt and showed the inscription, thereby calling all those present to pray for Ukraine.

“Now on television in the analytical program, they are discussing this inscription. Probably, the penalty will be, but it will definitely be known later. Why not show a T-shirt after a goal is scored? After the goal, I could not risk, because I would have received a yellow card. I am a defender, always have to play hard. Especially in the game for 6 points, “ explains Gabovda.

On December 1, in the match against DTVK, Yuri Gabovda scored his first goal in the championship and helped his team draw 1: 1.

We recall that in August of this year, another Ukrainian, Evgeny Khacheridi, who is a player of the Greek football club, in response to insulting gestures and cries from the fans of the Moscow Spartak, lowered the leggings and showed them the shields painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

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