Leaders of the world adopted the UN Migration Pact

  • Leaders of the world adopted the UN Migration Pact

Morocco: Today, December 10, the leaders of the world adopted the UN World Pact for safe, well-arranged and regulated migration. In general, the document was supported by 164 countries of the world, but some countries refused to do so. This was reported by the Western media.

“The document was accepted, despite a number of refusals from some EU countries and the world in the wake of anti-immigration populism,” the report says  .

It is worth noting that 192 countries participated in the 18-month negotiations. After their completion, Austria, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy and Slovakia announced their decision not to sign the document. In addition to these EU countries, the UN pact also refused to sign Australia and Israel.

We recall that, the UN Migration Pact establishes 23 goals, particularly, saving the lives of migrants, ensuring affordable ways of regulated migration, fighting smugglers, helping to integrate and eliminate discrimination. The oath must still be adopted by the UN General Assembly.

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