In the Alps, a boy was pulled out of avalanche

  • In the Alps a boy was pulled out of avalanche

Kyiv: In the French Alps, a 12-year-old boy was pulled out from under the debris of snow, who was there 40 minutes. This is reported by local media.

“When the guy was buried with snow, he rode with a group of skiers and rode ahead of the adults. The search operation began immediately, rescuers with a helicopter were called in for help. A service dog found the guy, the child spent 40 minutes under a snowdrift,” the report says.

Rescuers say that the guy was very lucky, because to survive after 15 minutes under the snow is almost impossible, and he was there for 40 minutes. He was saved by the fact that the snow did not get into the respiratory tract, what the rescuer themselves call the “Christmas miracle”.

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