Seven children die in fire in Canada

  • Seven children die in fire in Canada

Kyiv: Police of the Canadian city of Halifax confirmed the death of seven children as a result of a fire that broke out in one of the houses in the south of the city, according to the website of the municipal government of Halifax.

"The Halifax regional police and the fire brigade confirm the death of seven people as a result of the incident. According to reports, all the dead are children from the same family," the statement said.

It is also reported that two adults - a woman and a man - are now in the hospital.

According to the statement, information about the fire arrived early in the morning. The fire engulfed the first and second floor of the house, the firemen managed to put out the fire shortly after arrival.

The police is investigating into a fire.

Canadian television channel CTV reports that it is a family from Syria. According to neighbors, the youngest child was three months old and the oldest was 17 years old. The funeral should take place on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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