EU talks with Albania and Northern Macedonia start next week

  • EU talks with Albania and Northern Macedonia start next week

Kiev: The EU Council of Ministers for General Affairs, to be held on October 15 in Luxembourg, will consider starting negotiations on the entry into the European Union of Albania and Northern Macedonia.

This was told by a senior representative of the European Union, the correspondent of Ukrinform reports.

"The EU Council will consider the issue of expansion and the process of stabilization and association of the countries of the Western Balkans, with emphasis on Albania and Northern Macedonia. This discussion will be held in line with the conclusions of the EU Council of June 18 this year, which took place under the Romanian presidency and postponed the adoption of such a decision for it additional thorough consideration to return to it no later than October 2019", - said the EU representative.

He recalled that the EU Council took note of the recommendations of the European Commission on the start of accession negotiations with both countries, and these recommendations were made on the basis of a positive assessment of the progress of both countries in democratic development and in fulfilling the conditions necessary to start such negotiations. In addition, Finland, which is now chairing the presidency of the European Council, is ready to help build consensus and start negotiations on the entry into the EU of Albania and Northern Macedonia.

“These are issues, that is, expansion issues, were discussed at the level of the Council of Permanent Representatives. It does not make sense to delve into the position of individual member countries, because this is the subject of negotiations. Such a discussion is necessary in order to reach agreement and begin negotiations", - the senior official noted EU representative.

Recall: Northern Macedonia plans this year to become the 30th member of NATO. It is also expected that negotiations will soon begin on the country's accession to the EU, because the country received candidate status back in 2005.

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