Protests in Barcelona demonstrators erected barricades, Molotov cocktails were used

  • Protests in Barcelona demonstrators erected barricades Molotov cocktails were used

Kiev: On Thursday night, clashes between police and Catalan independence advocates escalated in Barcelona. The footage from the scene shows that on the central streets of the city cars and garbage cans burn.

It is reported by the Air Force.

"The confrontation escalated after 51 protesters were detained last night. The head of the government of Catalonia - just as the leaders of the regional independence movement were convicted - called for an end to the violence. The government is considering all possible scenarios", - the report said.

Police say protesters use Molotov cocktails. Demonstrators again erected barricades in the central streets and set fire to several cars. There are victims, but their exact number is not yet known.

Earlier, on Wednesday afternoon, demonstrators blocked railway lines and other vehicles. According to local media, most of the protesters.

The riots on Wednesday evening also occurred in Girona, Lleida, Tarragona and other cities in Catalonia.

Catalan politicians, like previously convicted leaders of the Catalan independence movement, called on protesters to end the violence.

"The protest must be peaceful. We must not allow certain groups to damage the image of the independence movement. We must not allow incidents like the ones we see now. There is no justification for arson of cars and acts of vandalism," said Chairman of the Generalitat of Catalonia Kim Torra in Thursday night.

The Acting Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, said the government was ready for decisive action. "The Catalans and Spanish society should know that the government is considering all possible scenarios", - he said.

As Ukrinform reported, the Spanish government will send four groups of special units of the national police to Barcelona to strengthen 200 law enforcement officers who are already busy maintaining order during the protests.

Mass protests in Catalonia, the province of Spain, began after the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced nine separatist leaders to 9-13 years of imprisonment on October 14 on charges of organizing an illegal referendum on Catalan independence in the fall of 2017. After that, in the main city of the Spanish region of Catalonia - Barcelona, ​​protesters announced the blockade of the city's El Prat airport. In addition, in the city of Girona, demonstrators blocked the railway.

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