The court suspended the consideration of the case of PrivatBank

  • The court suspended the consideration of the case of PrivatBank

Kiev: The Commercial Court of Kiev has suspended the consideration of the case on the claim of illegality of the PrivatBank sale and purchase agreement. The corresponding decision was made the day before by judge Lyudmila Shkurdova, the acting head of the court, Petr Ponomar, said on Thursday, October 17, Economic Truth writes.

"As far as I know, the reason for stopping is before consideration of another court case, which is not being considered in the Commercial Court of Kiev. It is being considered in Ukraine, in another court", - he said.

According to the official, the decision to terminate the consideration of the case will appear in the Unified Register of Judicial Decisions in a few days.

The court’s website notes that the trial in the Privatbank case, scheduled for 10:30 on October 17, will not take place “in connection with the suspension of proceedings until the decision in case No. 826/7432/17 comes into force”.

The representative of Kolomoisky Alexander Vinnichenko confirmed that the Economic Court has stopped the consideration of the case.

According to Vinnichenko, his client maintains the position that the state illegally took away bank shares from him.

At the same time, Viktor Grigorchuk, the head of the claim department of the legal department of the National Bank, said that the reason for dismissing the case was the consideration of the nationalization case, according to which the Kyiv District Administrative Court ruled in April.

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