In Kiev, scammers appropriated real estate for 10 million hryvnia

  • In Kiev scammers appropriated real estate for 10 million hryvnia

Kiev: In Kiev, law enforcement officers exposed the criminal group of "black registrars", which was engaged in the illegal removal of dozens of real estate from communal and private property. The public prosecutor informed about this on the eve.

According to the investigation, from 2011 to 2012, the attackers, using the information of the Housing Office, searched for apartments in which no one has been living for a long time or no owners, as well as apartments with existing debts for paying utility bills.

Having received the specified information, as well as the technical characteristics of these objects, the attackers, using fake court orders, changed the owners of apartments to dummies, and the housing itself was subsequently resold to bona fide purchasers.

In addition, having in their possession information on the objects of communal property, in order to remove it from the list of free non-residential premises, they took part in a competition for the right to rent these premises, as a result of which the corresponding agreements were concluded.

Subsequently, the attackers ordered a technical inventory of the indicated premises, and the obtained information, together with the personal data of the dummies, were entered into fake court orders and thus re-registered the property right.

Despite the long period since the commission of the crimes, it was possible to identify persons involved in illegal transactions with real estate.

Currently, according to the results of the pre-trial investigation, four persons have been informed of suspected criminal offenses under articles on fraud, forgery of documents, seals, stamps and money laundering (parts 2, 4 of article 190, part 4 of article 358, part 2 Art. 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), namely, in the seizure of two apartments of individuals and three objects of communal property.

"The cost of illegally alienated property is more than 10 million hryvnias. In respect of all objects, claims have been filed for recovery from unlawful possession. In addition, it has been established that more than 20 real estate objects in the territory of the city of Kiev have become the subject of criminal encroachment. Pre-trial investigation into these facts continues", - noted in the prosecutor's office.

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