Sentsov received the Polish Academy Award for “Courage and Invincibility”

  • Sentsov received the Polish Academy Award for Courage and Invincibility

Kiev: Ukrainian film director and former political prisoner Oleg Sentsov received in Warsaw a special award from the Polish Film Academy - an eagle for "Courage and Invincibility."

This is stated on the website of the award.

The award was presented by the president of the film academy Dariusz Jablonski.

“The impossible has become possible! Oleg Sentsov is free! The release of the Ukrainian film director is also a success of the international solidarity of the directors, including Polish, ”said Yablonsky.

Oleg Sentsov thanked the Poles for their support and for remembering him.

Recall that Sentsov met with French President Emmanuel Macron on October 1 in Strasbourg.

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