Hong Kong police use military weapons against demonstrators

  • Hong Kong police use military weapons against demonstrators

Kiev: Hong Kong police on Monday used military weapons against demonstrators, leaving one protester in critical condition.

It is reported by Hong Kong Free Press.

“At about 7:15 a.m., a policeman tried to catch up with several masked men before he pulled out a service pistol and aimed it at them, as a live broadcast by Cupid Producer testifies. Then he grabbed a protester in white and shot another protester in black at close range", - the message said.

After that, another black-clad protester appeared who tried to snatch a gun from an officer. The policeman shot two more times.

Later it became known that two people were injured, one of whom was in critical condition. The 21-year-old protester received a serious gunshot wound to the kidney and liver, he was hospitalized and operated on urgently.

The Hong Kong government confirmed that the officer fired at one man, but denied the allegation that senior police officers ordered the officers "unreasonably" to use firearms during operations on Monday.

According to witnesses, after some time in the same area where the protester was injured, the police used tear gas against the demonstrators.

As reported, mass protests in Hong Kong have been going on since June. In early September, local administration head Carrie Lam agreed to meet one of the protesters ’demands and withdrew the extradition bill, which allows extradition to mainland China. However, despite this, many opposition supporters announced their intention to continue the rally. Protests are periodically accompanied by riots, blocking streets and acts of vandalism. On October 1, Hong Kong police shot dead a protester during violent clashes with protesters.

During the last outbreak of protests in the city, more than 200 people were detained, at least 54 demonstrators were injured.

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