Ex-president of Bolivia fled to Mexico

  • Ex-president of Bolivia fled to Mexico

Kiev: Former Bolivian President Evo Morales fled to Mexico, which granted him political asylum. Russia has already praised the power of Mexico for "sovereign independence".

The arrival of Morales at the Mexico City Airport is reported by DW.

The ex-president of Bolivia said that he accepted the offer of political asylum and left the country because his life was in danger.

He also said that he resigned voluntarily in order to prevent bloodshed. At the same time, Morales promised to return to Bolivia "with more strength and energy".

The head of the Federation Council committee (the upper house of the Russian parliament) on foreign affairs, Konstantin Kosachev, wrote on Facebook that “unlike many other Latin American countries,” Mexico has demonstrated “sovereign independence” by providing political asylum to Morales.

“I suspect that it was supposed to persecute him for disobedience to the American doctrine of Monroe throughout the region until the end of the century. For others to be discouraged. Did not work out. Bravo, Mexico! Bravo independence”, - He wrote.

The Monroe Doctrine is the political doctrine of the United States, which was proclaimed on December 2, 1823, during an appeal to Congress by President James Monroe (1817-1825). A distinctive feature of the doctrine was the proclamation that attempts to further colonize or interfere in the internal affairs of states located in the Americas would be seen by the United States as an act of aggression directly against the United States and lead to military intervention on their part.

Recall, on November 10, Morales resigned amid mass protests in Bolivia and the army's demands to resign.

Protests began after the presidential election on October 20. Evo Morales defeated them. His main rival in the election, former President Carlos Mesa, did not recognize the vote. After that, people began to go out to mass protests. Morales declared a state of emergency and accused the opposition of trying to organize a coup.

However, he subsequently announced new elections.

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