British School of Architecture invests gender-neutral form

  • British School of Architecture invests gender-neutral form

Kiev: The UK government plans to make gender-neutral school uniforms mandatory for all schools.

According to Independent, the British government believes that the current requirements for school uniforms are outdated.

If new rules are adopted, school principals will need to allow children to wear shorts, trousers, skirts or dresses, regardless of gender.

“This will enable every child to choose what to wear. Dictating to him what can and should not be worn because of gender is an outdated practice that only harms”, - said Liberal Party spokeswoman for education Leila Moran.

According to her, after the introduction of the new rules, children can continue to dress as before, but innovations are important for future generations.

It is noted that in Wales schools from September 1, 2019 introduced a gender-neutral school uniform.

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