The state will not allow civil confrontation - Georgy Gakharia

  • The state will not allow civil confrontation - Georgy Gakharia

Tbilisi: Georgian Prime Minister George Gaharia comments on the current processes in the country and notes that the government will not allow civil confrontation.

According to him, all persons suspected of violence, on whose side they were not, should be accountable to the law.

“Of course, there is no talk of any civil confrontation; the state will not allow this. This is the first, second, all persons involved in acts of violence, regardless of which side they are on, should be punished, this is the duty of the state. Third, contraction, these are already political assessments and all parties give interesting and favorable assessments to their advantage. For me, the most important thing is that this is an extremely emotional background, the causes of which are many. Firstly, that political processes do not occur in parliament, but have moved to the street. Unfortunately, irresponsible people are trying to manipulate emotionally excited youth on the streets”, - said George Gakharia.

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