WHO response to COVID-19 pandemic leaves much to be desired - Georgian professor

  • WHO response to COVID-19 pandemic leaves much to be desired - Georgian professor

Tbilisi: Director of the Diabetes Research Center in Tbilisi, one of the leading medical workers in Georgia Ramaz Kurashvili is confident that the World Health Organization (WHO - hereinafter) will have to go through more than one serious blow in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

He stated this in an interview with the Caucasian Journal.

According to him, WHO spends money mainly on supporting third world countries. At the same time, Kurashvili emphasized: from the moment the world learned about the new virus, Georgian doctors acted contrary to WHO recommendations.

“Hard times await WHO! It will have to survive more than one serious blow and a lot of criticism! Much needs to be reviewed and changed in the structure and functioning of both WHO and the UN Health Committee, as well as all international organizations of this type. After 100 days, international coordination began to take on some acceptable forms. I hope that this pandemic will serve as a serious lesson and teach us how to behave rationally, quickly and adequately respond, provide assistance, listen and hear each other!”, the Georgian doctor noted.

Summarizing, Kurashvili added: Life under the conditions of the Coronavirus has shown that tightening of rules and requirements, wide public awareness aimed at preserving the life and health of the population are very effective. “Apparently, they should be continued later, during life without a virus!”, he concluded.

According to WHO, the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection exceeded the 5 million people worldwide and more than 300 thousand patients died.

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