US to Allocate Georgia $ 250 Thousand to Strengthen Journalism Education System

  • US to Allocate Georgia 250 Thousand to Strengthen Journalism Education System

Tbilisi: The United States will provide Georgia with about $ 250,000 under the program “Strengthening the Journalism Education System in Georgia,” the description of the US State Department grant says.

Main objective of the educational project is to train journalism teachers from higher educational institutions of Georgia.

At the same time, the US State Department also emphasized that the program will establish "cooperation between Georgian and American journalism schools.

"According to the text of the document, the improvement of the qualifications of Georgian teachers will occur “thanks to the implementation of the best American practices”.

“American non-profit and non-governmental organizations, accredited higher education institutions can apply for a one-year project to promote the professional development of Georgian media teachers from public and private higher education institutions as part of an intensive training internship in  American mass media and journalism training programs universities, as well as additional visits to American media organizations and associations of journalistic education, ”- says the message.

Summing up, the State Department also added that "the initiative should be implemented within one year.''

Earlier, the US Department of State announced its intention to allocate about 60 thousand dollars for "conducting online courses on media literacy" for residents of other post-Soviet states.

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