Iran compensates for crashed Boeing plane over Tehran

  • Iran compensates for crashed Boeing plane over Tehran

Kyiv: Iran assumed responsibility for crash of Boeing 737-800 plane belonged to “International airlines of Ukraine’’, which occurred in January over Tehran, vice foreign minister of Ukraine Yevgeny Yenin stated in the aftermath of meeting with Iranian colleague Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Besides that, Yenin said that Iranian side agreed on compensating the relatives of all victims. 

,,We applaud Iran’s decision to assume responsibility for Ukrainian plane crash and readiness for optimizing equal amount of compensation for all victims’ relatives despite their citizenship’’, the statement reads.

Boeing 737-800 of ,,International airlines of Ukraine’’ crashed on January 8, 2020 after several minutes of take-off from international Tehran airport. 176 people fell victim to the tragic incident, including Iranian, Ukrainian, Canadian, British, German, Swedish and Afghan citizens.

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